Homeowner Resource Center

Welcome to our Homeowner Resource Center. We’ve created a library of information to help you better understand short sales. A similar library is available to Realtors® in the Realtor® Resource Center. Please refer your Realtor® to these resources if they’re not familiar with our services. Our goal is ...

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Realtor® Resource Center

Are you fed up with hollow promises from unprofessional short sale negotiators? We understand and want to show you a better way. We offer sound legal representation to the homeowner, manage the negotiations skillfully and relieve you of burdensome liability in a short sale listing. From the first ...

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Short Sale Education Center

Education and knowledge are the keys to making difficult decisions. Congratulations! You just discovered the ultimate resource for education and knowledge about the mortgage and housing crisis. We represent homeowners, not banks! At Keith D Barrett, PLLC, we pride ourselves on providing the ...

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Keith D. Barrett, PLLC is not accepting any short sale clients at this time.